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After reading and absolutely loving The Martian, I was excited to read another sci-fi book, Ready Player One. All I knew was that it had lots of 80s references and there was video-gaming and danger involved. Well, I really liked it! And surprisingly, so did Shelly who gave it a 5/5. (She hardly ever does […more]

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Just wanted to remind ya that Shelly and I are discussing Ready Player One tomorrow, July 3rd. Answer any or all my discussion questions in the comment section. Ask questions of your own. Or, link-up a blog post with your review and/or the answers to my questions. Hope to see ya back here!

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Post image for Stream of consciousness while reading The Martian {SPOILERS!}

SPOILERS AHEAD! SPOILERS AHEAD! You’ve been warned. If you don’t know already, The Martian is a book by Andy Weir. It was self-published to his personal blog, then he put it on Amazon for $.99 (the minimum price), it became a #1 sci-fi seller on Amazon, and then got picked up by Random House. Now, […more]

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Ok, so preschool graduation is a little silly because it’s not really a milestone. But hey, it’s not like they made me buy the cap and gown, so I’m not mad at it. One parent was muttering about not being able to keep the cap, gown and 2015 tassel after the ceremony. Wow. He didn’t […more]

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My life in numbers

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This post is inspired by Kelli and Steph. 10: Years since I’ve visited my grandparents. In my defense, they are in Taiwan. 2: Number of bent pinkies I have. 150: Miles I’ve ridden a bicycle. It was over 2 days. 1: Number of earthquakes I’ve experienced. 3337: Photos of J I’ve catalogued. 2041: Photos of […more]

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Post image for We lasted 15 minutes at a professional soccer game

I’ll start with the question: how do you, parents of small children, attend professional sporting events with your kids? Yep, we only lasted 15 minutes at a DC United (soccer) game. Hey, at least DC United scored within that 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I was looking down, helping (and taking pictures) of O eating popcorn. So, […more]

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Alan & the kids

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I’m sure Alan knows this, but I’ll say it anyways, he’s a great dad. He’s involved, he shows affection, he cares (sometimes TOO much, hello helicopter parent haha), and he enjoys the kids. Both kids ADORE him, always wanting hugs and him to play “tickle monster”. He’s also a great dad “behind the scenes” like […more]

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Post image for Our experience with a CSA so far

CSA stands for community-supported agriculture. A farm sells “shares” of its crops to individuals (the “community”) instead of to a big corporation. We signed up with One Acre Farm when they offered to make deliveries right to our son’s preschool. How convenient is that?! Another draw is that they use sustainable practices on their farm, […more]

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Post image for Chinese remedy for cough

The last week or so, I’ve had a cough that gets worse at night. I’ve tried sleeping upright, with a humidifier, and keeping a glass of water nearby but nothing helped. The evening after a particular bad night, Alan made me this Chinese remedy for cough before bed. It worked wonders! I still had a […more]

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First, Shelly and I are a week late in announcing our July book. Apologies! But no worries because our July pick is a relatively short book: Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky Jeff O’Neal (Book Riot Podcast) recommended this on the recent Moms, Dads, and Grads Recommendation Show to someone looking for a […more]

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Post image for I’m not the girl in my wedding pictures and that’s ok

A new friend came over for a playdate with our son, and when she saw the wedding photo below, she said, “Oh, is that your sister?” I said, “No! That’s me…I know…so young!” I also thought to myself, “And so many extra pounds!” I wasn’t hurt by the remark as much as I thought I’d […more]

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