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As any good parent, I tell my kids the things he/she should do to be the perfect little human. Of course, I don’t take any of the advice I give them because I’m an adult and make bad decisions because I’m allowed to. No one’s the boss of me. So here’s the advice I give […more]

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The cherry blossoms in DC bloomed more than a month ago, but I’ve only recently had the energy and desire to edit them. I took an afternoon off of work and went down to DC a few days before they peaked. It was cloudy and chilly, which I didn’t mind because the weather kept the […more]

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Since my sister-in-law lent me her espresso machine, I’ve been kinda obsessed with espresso and latte making. It bothers my personality type that espresso making isn’t an exact science. It’s more trial-and-error, and I’d rather have a formula. Good thing is I’ve already experimented with different whole milk and have found that Horizon Organic Whole […more]

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Post image for Tweetviews – book reviews in 140 characters

A rather slooooow month in reading for me since the last Show Us Your Books linkup with Jana and Steph. April was awash with O (1.5 yr old) being sick every 2 weeks. I’m not even exaggerating. This week, she’s on a second round of antibiotics since the first one didn’t work. We really hope […more]

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Page Turners: June book

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First off, did you moms have a good Mother’s Day? I had a wonderful one that started with my mom visiting Friday (and staying the weekend). She had a great time hanging out with the kids and vice versa. On Sunday, J (4.5 yr old) wished me a Happy Mother’s Day! many many times. O […more]

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Post image for April goals – finances

You may have noticed my on-again off-again sort of blogging. April was a crazy month. If we weren’t taking care of sick kids, we were recovering from taking care of them. And then the following week, another sickness! I just curled up in front of the TV getting re-addicted to the game 2048 instead of […more]

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Gosh, I haven’t read a good sci-fi thriller since my run with Michael Crichton books. The Martian was soooo good. The main character, Mark, was so likeable. He kept his cool and sense of humor. He didn’t blame anyone no matter what happened. He just dusted off the Martian dirt and kept on truckin’. I […more]

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Post image for Reminder: The Martian discussion tomorrow

Just wanted to remind ya that Shelly and I are discussing The Martian tomorrow, May 1st. Answer any or all my discussion questions in the comment section. Ask questions of your own. Or, link-up a blog post with your review and/or the answers to my questions. Hope to see ya back here!

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I’ve noticed my son’s got a tic. Ironically, it got worse after I pointed it out to my husband with my son right there listening to me. Lesson learned. If *I* make a big deal out of something, so will my children. Next time, I keep my mouth shut. Or at least shut until out […more]

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Post image for Weekly recap: highlights, favorite photo & workouts

Thanks for the post prompts, Nilsa! The highlights of my week were (1) O (21-months) feeling better after being congested for about a week. She’s smiling, laughing, sleeping well, and has gotten her appetite back and (2) seeing proofs from J’s (4.5-years) school pictures. How adorable are these cap and gown ones! He’s “graduating” preschool. […more]

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The everyday {photos}

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Happy Wednesday everyone! O (21 months) started daycare the end of March and has already come down with two fevers. The first one had no accompanying symptoms but the second one included stuffiness, runny nose, and a cough. Man, these first few weeks/months will be tough on her and all of us. Luckily, she’s been […more]

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