Thanks everyone for your well-wishes when I first posted about my stomach problems. Things took a turn for the worse. You’re not going to believe this. It was 10:30pm on Wednesday night. I took a tiny bite of a wheat-free muffin I had just made. Almost immediately, my stomach cramps came back. They came back […more]

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Because J (5 years old) is really into riding rides (he looooved Funland in Rehoboth), I took a half-day off of work, pulled J out of summer camp, and took him to the fair where he could ride to his heart’s content. I went on a weekday since there was a deal for a $15 […more]

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It’s time to discuss The Princess Bride today! I’ve seen bits and pieces of the movie a handful of times, but am not a cult-follower, sorry. I didn’t even know it was a book until Shelly told me, and guess what. It was just alright. Wanna talk about why? I have 3 questions below, and […more]

Let’s play “Diagnose Lisa’s stomach pains” today! Here are the facts: I got a stomach bug at the end of July. Maybe I’m still feeling its effects? I started a wheat-free diet at the end of May. However, over the past two weekends, I indulged wheat-full. Bad idea, right? Maybe my body is in shock. […more]

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Hey, it’s my first time posting about the family but with no full-face/clear photos of the kids! It can be done :). And thanks for all of your support in yesterday’s post. Not that I’d expect anything different from you awesome people! I told myself that I’d better be doing some things before 2020, and […more]


Thoughts on this blog

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Our son is starting kindergarten next week, and I no longer feel comfortable having photos of him (or my daughter) on a public space. I see so many big blogs posting photos of their kids, sometimes to shill products, and it makes me uneasy. I’m not a big blog and I’m not using my kids […more]

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I gave my husband an ale-vent calendar for Christmas last year and we’re finally getting around to drinking our 4th beer. What can I say? Alan likes to drink beer when it’s hot out. Here’s our review of the fourth beer in the lot. Enjoy! Description: Old Bust Head’s flagship brew, English Pale Ale blends […more]


If I were a toddler

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Kelli posted about back-to-school shopping, and I commented that I wish I could have new clothes and shoes every few months. That got me thinking how else my life would be awesome if I were a toddler. If I were a toddler… I’d have new clothes and shoes every 3-4 months. And since I’m a […more]

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I was inspired by how Joyce summed up her vacation with just 8 highlights. So, here are the worst and best moments of our week in Rehoboth Beach, DE. The absolute worst: Our landlord for the vacation house. For your sanity, don’t ever rent from Jeff Kozak. He’s a real PITA. We got our full […more]

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School’s starting for a lot of you out there (and for my son — kindergarten!)! Are you slowing down or getting more busy now? Think you’ll have time to hit the books with your kids? If you’re looking for something to read and discuss with a group, hope you’ll join us in September for: The […more]

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I’ve picked up my pace this past month thanks to the Literary Ladies summer book challenge. I’ve read 2 out the 10, with 2 more sitting on my shelf. Thanks, public library! Can’t wait to see what you all have been reading through the Show Us Your Books linkup with Jana and Steph! Here are […more]

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