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In case you missed them, I posted 3 times this week! That hasn’t happened since mid-June. I won’t promise I’ll keep it up next week though ;). I love when I do link-ups and met new bloggers that actually connect with me. You’ve met two of them in past #AskAwayFriday posts (Shelly and NJ). Today, […]

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We had a joint at-home party for the kids this year since they have birthdays one day apart. However, we still wanted to make their birthdays special so the hubs and I took off work for two days to celebrate with each kid on their actual birthday. First up, J turned 4, and we took […]

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Happy Birthday J & O!

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Whew, got a first batch of birthday photos edited! Today I’m sharing photos from the celebration we held at home just for the family. The hubs and I couldn’t “get it together” this year to throw them separate parties, where at least his friends could celebrate with him at one of them. He actually asked […]

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I got a small batch of birthday photos edited and will post them this week. But to start off the week, I’m doing Picture Practice with Kelli. It’s been a whiiiiile since I linked-up so I completed this week’s photo assignment while blackberry picking this weekend (crossing another item off our summer bucket list!). This […]

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My husband “made me” watch So You Can Think You Can Dance last night (I actually LOVE the show), so I didn’t get to edit any photos from birthday celebrations galore. Guess you’ll just to learn 10 more things about “boring” me in today’s #AskAwayFriday. Welcome NJ from A Cookie Before Dinner. Her real name […]

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The first time I made these cookies were for J’s third birthday last year. I made them again for the holidays last year. The parts I don’t like about these cookies are: >> The dough is REALLY soft, and it can be challenging to cut-out cookies REALLY cleanly. A pet-peeve for a Type-A personality like […]

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Hi everyone! I’ve really wanted to post regularly the last few weeks, but starting before the hubs’ birthday mid-June, evenings and weekends have been packed. Before and after my business trip to Seattle, I spent evenings getting the house in order (laundry, cleaning). On weekends we’ve been doing fun things like blueberry picking, a housewarming […]

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It’s been quiet on the blog lately, and that can only mean that my life (work, home, etc.) has been extra crazy. I’ve also not felt like blogging even when I did have the time. Anyone else know what I mean? I have lots to tell you though — I had a business trip to […]

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A man and his jam

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This is a story about, and an interview with, a man and his jam. It started in 2013, after he went strawberry picking for the first time. He had never tasted a strawberry so juicy and sweet. He thought, “I must make jam.” He added a jam jar sterilization kit to his wishlist. The summer […]

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Throwback: perms

by lisacng June 19, 2014
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I mentioned that (perhaps) Alan fell in love with me because of the perm I came home from Taiwan with. Some of you commented that you’d like to see that perm, but before I share that photo, here’s a gem-of-a-perm. My mom, circa 1984. I’m sitting next to her. Not sure what my parents’ obsession […]

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Strawberry picking {photos}

by lisacng June 18, 2014
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These photos are from the 2nd time we went this year. The weather was much cooler and the strawberries were a bit larger and brighter than the first patch we picked in, just 2 weeks prior. Not sure if it was a different species or just the time of harvest. All photos: Canon T1i | […]

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