I have to watch a fair share of cartoons with my kids, and I’m pretty aware when there are diverse (non-white) characters in them, especially if they are Asian like us. While I should appreciate any diversity, there are just some Asian characters I don’t appreciate. Feel free to disagree and discuss! Asian cartoon characters […more]

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Hey book lovers! Did you get a chance to read The Silver Linings Playbook? It was a book full of quirky and non-traditional characters, wouldn’t you say? I couldn’t help but picture Bradley Cooper while I was reading, which isn’t the worst thing, right? (If you didn’t know, Bradley Cooper plays Pat Peoples in the […more]

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Usually, I’m not sentimental about the baby/kid things. I’ve given away plenty of clothes and toys. But their shoes, I just can’t part with them. I dunno why. Aaaaaand, now I’ve got 15 pairs of J’s shoes and 8 pairs of O’s shoes. Sentimental Lisa must step aside because De-cluttering Lisa thinks that the space […more]

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I got my Plum Paper planner last week. A few days later, my pens and stickers arrived. It was time to begin filling in the planner. Alan couldn’t help but poke fun at how much concentration I had for this task. Of course I did. When you get a new planner, it’s like you HAVE […more]

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I know at least one person who wants to talk about my paper planner. Eh hem, Kathy, eh hem. Anyone else? I surprised myself last year when I switched from a digital planner (Google Calendar) to a paper planner. I even made my own planner. What I like about a paper planner is I can […more]

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Hey all! Shelly and I are so happy to announce our book for October! It’s special because it’s the first new release we’ve selected (published August 25th), it’s the first book I’ve bought in many years, and it’s going to be our last book club selection. So, hope you’ll join us in October for: George […more]

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Jane did a farewell to summer post, in which she listed all the amazing things about summer (i.e., the beach, sandals). While I love those things, there will be things about summer I won’t miss. >> Keeping up a pedicure. I don’t like seeing my bare toenails when I wear sandals. >> Shaving. Ugh. Every […more]

While I was reading Trail of Broken Wings, I found myself thinking about my dad. He sometimes said hurtful things. He was super strict. These were his worst qualities. His best qualities were his dedication to his family (though not an affectionate person), his work ethic, and his discipline. I inherited the best and worst […more]



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>> I still wear maternity skinny jeans because they’re so freakin’ comfortable! I can’t deal with the low-rise on normal skinnies. >> On yesterday’s book linkup, I only visited the blogs I normally follow and those that left me comments because I’ve visited EVERY person in the past and I ain’t get no lovin’ back. […more]

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Can’t wait to see what you all have been reading through the Show Us Your Books linkup with Jana and Steph! Here are my thoughts on the books I’ve recently read and my ratings out of 5 stars — all in 140 characters or less. Trail of Broken Wings Heartbreaking story of 3 American-Indian daughters […more]

Thanks everyone for your well-wishes when I first posted about my stomach problems. Things took a turn for the worse. You’re not going to believe this. It was 10:30pm on Wednesday night. I took a tiny bite of a wheat-free muffin I had just made. Almost immediately, my stomach cramps came back. They came back […more]

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