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I’ve noticed my son’s got a tic. Ironically, it got worse after I pointed it out to my husband with my son right there listening to me. Lesson learned. If *I* make a big deal out of something, so will my children. Next time, I keep my mouth shut. Or at least shut until out […more]

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Thanks for the post prompts, Nilsa! The highlights of my week were (1) O (21-months) feeling better after being congested for about a week. She’s smiling, laughing, sleeping well, and has gotten her appetite back and (2) seeing proofs from J’s (4.5-years) school pictures. How adorable are these cap and gown ones! He’s “graduating” preschool. […more]

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The everyday {photos}

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Happy Wednesday everyone! O (21 months) started daycare the end of March and has already come down with two fevers. The first one had no accompanying symptoms but the second one included stuffiness, runny nose, and a cough. Man, these first few weeks/months will be tough on her and all of us. Luckily, she’s been […more]

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Post image for Cherry blossoms at Meadowlark Gardens {photos} & a meetup

I love cherry blossom trees. They are everywhere in the DC area. I love that they are in my neighborhood. They’re beautiful around the Tidal Basin, but after last year’s encounter with the crowds, I vowed never to see the cherry blossoms there until the kids were older (stroller + crowds = disaster). Guess that’s […more]

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I received an advanced copy of “Lose the Cape: Realities of busy modern moms and strategies to survive” for review. All opinions are my own. Lose the Cape was written by Alexa Bigwarfe, a freelance writer, wife, and mother of three children and a dog, and Kerry Rivera, a full-time working mom of three kids […more]

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There isn’t an evening I’m not reading, even if just for a few minutes. Many nights, I fall asleep on the couch with a book/ebook in hand. In February I read 7 books and I can’t believe I did it again in March. I made a goal to read 24 books in 2015, and I’ve […more]

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As promised, after telling you that engineer moms are the scariest moms, today, I’m telling you that biologist dads are the scariest dads. 1. They are 100% pro-vaccines The “normal” vaccines plus the flu and HPV ones too. If they find out you aren’t vaccinated, you cannot come within a 10 mile radius of their […more]

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I loved “Lawyer Moms are the Scariest Moms” that I just had to do one for myself and all the engineer moms. So here’s 5 reasons engineer moms are the scariest moms. 1. We’re efficient We will always find the most efficient way to get our to-do lists done, to get from Point A to […more]

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I’m an ISTJ. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. I took this free personality test online, which is similar to the Myers-Brigg test. After answering 72 Yes/No questions, the test told me I was: I – Moderately introverted, meaning I get my energy from within S – […more]

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Bichons {photos}

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I did not grow up with a dog, but Alan did, so it was kinda a given that we’d get a dog after we got married. I wanted a small-ish dog and one that didn’t shed. I’m more than happy to pay for a groomer to cut its hair every 6-8 weeks. (Today, our dogs […more]

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Hello bibliophiles! Shelly and I are so happy to announce our book selection for May! We wanted to give you plenty of time to get your hands on a copy. So, without further ado, our book selection for May is: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling This is Mindy […more]

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