Hey guys and gals, it’s been a nice ride here at WordPress and expandng.com but I can’t justify paying for hosting and a domain when I rarely blog anymore. I do enjoy blogging, sharing pics, and sharing what I read, but in the future, I’ll do it on a free platform. I think expandng.blogspot.com is […more]

Just popping in to talk about the books I’ll be reading for Erin’s June reading challenge #ReadMyBooks. You can read all about the rules here but basically, it’s a challenge to read books you already own/have. There will also be prizes for those who participate and link-up! Anywho, haven’t been blogging because work’s been busy […more]

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Rain, wind, and more rain in April and May (so far). You too, right? I feel guilty if I don’t get outside when it’s actually sunny and warm out. So, there was that one day in April….All photos taken with Canon T1i and 50 mm f/1.8 lens. That’s all I got to say today

In my 20s, I gravitated toward two types of books: thrillers (e.g., Michael Crichton) and sociology (e.g., Nickled and Dimed). I also read a lot of books after the movie came out like Memoirs of a Geisha and The Devil Wears Prada. These were my comfort zones for a looong time. Then, I had kids […more]

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Welcome to another round-up of books with Jana and Steph. I wish I had time to visit all those who link-up but with over 50 participants last week, I don’t know if my TBR can handle all the recs, LOL. Here my thoughts on the books I’ve read and my rating out of 5 stars […more]


Five on Friday

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Stole this idea from Sarah Emailing My favorite email newsletter this week was from JetPens. I bought pens for my planner a while back and just want everything on their website. Everything is just so stinkin’ adorable! Escaping Taking a half-day off work for this awesome event where you and a group solve puzzles/find clues […more]

…because I have all this free time and free babysitting to go see movies, right??? Though taking time off work to go see a movie during the day (when kids are at school) is enticing. I know some you adult like that. Captain America: Civil War Comes out tomorrow, May 5th. Man, summer movie season […more]


Mother’s Day round-up

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Mother’s Day is next week. How will you be celebrating? We’re doing an early Mother’s Day with my mom since she’s visiting this week. We’ll send a surprise to Alan’s mom. And me? Probably brunch somewhere and then to my favorite macarons shop. Anyways, today I wanted to share a Mother’s Day (the first one) […more]


Unsent letters

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Watch out for me, guys, I steal lots of posts. Today, I’m stealing Jana’s. Dear runny nose, I take Zyrtec and you still run. Are you a cold? Reveal yourself! Sincerely, Lisa with a box of tissues ——————————————————- Dear photo studio that takes pictures at school, It was Spring Picture Day, so I put my […more]

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It seems like many people are either in the “I love ebooks” camp or the “I love actual books” camp. I actually like them both and here’s why. Why I like my Kindle Alan bought me the Paperwhite two years ago. It has a higher resolution than the standard Kindle and has adjustable backlighting, so […more]


Five on Friday

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Stole this idea from Sarah Selling Remember when I put stuff up on Craigslist to sell (a watch and wellies? Of course not, why would you LOL). Well, I sold the watch. Can cross THAT off my 2016 to-do list. Now, why won’t anyone buy my wellies? People are weirded-out buying secondhand shoes??? Gardening Actually, […more]

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