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Over the summer, I saw a link-up called Twitterature. I thought, “Cool, book reviews written for Twitter”. I was disappointed when they were regularly-lengthed reviews. So, after some googling, there is a Twitter feed, @tweet_views, who does book reviews in 140 characters or less. So, here’s my version on the blog on what I’ve been [...more]

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So you’ve ever built-up a place in your head and then once you experience that place, you’re like, “That was disappointing”? Well, ever since we moved to Maryland, our co-workers told us about this magical place (my words, not theirs) where wild ponies run free. It’s called Assateague Island, and it’s a national park. Wouldn’t [...more]

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On life and blogging

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Yea yea yea. Yesterday started off so happy. I’m bumming you and myself out with this post, but I assure you, there is a happy ending. Or is it a “beginning”??? It’s been a month since I blogged. The decline in posts started after our kids’ birthdays in July. Then I traveled to Seattle the [...more]

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Tomorrow I’ll rant blog about why I’ve been missing from the blog lately. You don’t want to hear about that on Monday morning, right? Today’s Picture Practice (with Kelli) prompt, what makes me happy, put a huge smile on my face as I took these photos and wrote this post. And guess what I was [...more]

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Hey kids, how was everyone’s weekend? It rained all day Saturday, so we had to listen to our 4-yr old (J) ask us every 15 min. when the rain would stop so we could take the “new” stroller out for a spin. I say “new” because we got a double stroller (similar) on Craigslist. We [...more]

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Post image for Letter to my future self: things you better be doing in 2020

I commented to a parent of a 7 and 9-year old that the hubs and I are currently trying to reclaim our “former lives”. That parent said, “Really? *I* am just reclaiming my life now. Good luck!” Ok, so maybe getting on the bike once, working out regularly, and the hubs joining a volleyball league [...more]

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While standing in line for the Ferris Wheel at 9pm, I commented to Alan that we’ve done more Baby O’s first year than we did with our son’s (J’s) first three years. Back then, we weren’t motivated, nap and bedtimes were sacred, and we feared public meltdowns. Ever since we gave up forcing him to [...more]

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Traveling for work was awesome when I was single. I could pickup and leave on a moment’s notice and didn’t have to decide whether to stay for the whole conference or not (of course, stay!). But now that I’ve got kids, traveling for work is kinda a necessary evil. I mean, I like to connect [...more]

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Happy Friday!!! We’re going to Hershey Park this coming weekend and to say that I’m excited is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you that my parents took my sister and I to amusement parks every summer when we were kids, so I’m really excited to visit, for myself to reminisce, but also to create memories with [...more]

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Blueberry picking {photos}

by lisacng August 6, 2014
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Almost the end of summer (judging by the commercials on back-to-school) and I’m so glad our 4-yr old (J) made friends in daycare whose parents are awesome about inviting us to join them for fruit-picking ;). Without them, our summer bucket list might still be unchecked. We’ve gone with the same families or so already [...more]

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A Georgetown Birthday

by lisacng August 5, 2014
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Since we took our son to the children’s museum on his actual birthday (without baby sister), I wanted to take Baby O (I know she’s a year old, but I can still call her my baby right?) somewhere for her birthday without big brother. But since they’re both home with an Au pair, it’s not [...more]

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