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I gave my husband an ale-vent calendar for Christmas (except there’s 12, not 24, beers). Here’s our review of the first beer in the lot. Enjoy! Description: Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic is deep red with a medium body. It has medium sweetness and is reminiscent of raspberries, sweet herbs, and yeast. Zippy acidity balances out the […more]

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Ale-vent calendar

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Credit for the name “ale-vent” goes to my co-worker. Saw this beer advent calendar post last month and I just had to do this for the hubs! So one Saturday morning, I snuck-off to a local wine & spirits store where I heard the prices of singles are reasonable. This place had a great selection, […more]

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Post image for This House Needs a Mouse {kid’s book review}

I was sent a free copy of this book from Allison for review. Thoughts and opinions are my own. Like any striving-to-be-perfect-slash-by-the-book first-time parents, we read to our son from a very early age. He seemed to like to read. He’d go back and forth to the bookshelf to get books for us to read. […more]

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Book club announcement

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Hey everyone! For the past few months, I’ve been sharing tweetviews, which are short and sweet reviews of books I’ve recently read. However, after reading Eleanor & Park, I had several enjoyable discussions offline with readers. So, I had the idea to start a book club where, at the very least, I could have a […more]

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Post image for Tweetviews – book reviews in 140 characters

We often write the way we read, which for me is short, sweet, and to the point. So, here are my thoughts on the books I’ve read in November and my ratings out of 5 stars — all in 140 characters or less. The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds Among Brothers and Sisters Reveal About […more]

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Post image for Craigslist, Serial & Picture Practice

I’m 90% done with gift shopping, and the mall wasn’t even that crazy (woo hoo!). I’m still waiting on a Craigslist seller to take my offer for some kids’ toys. Her post before Thanksgiving was listed for $200, then after Thanksgiving, it was $180. I offered her $150 but she declined. Then five days later […more]

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Post image for Favorite things giveaway {closed}

Hi everyone! I’m really excited today to join 8 other bloggers in a “favorite things” giveaway. Each of us is giving away our favorite things on our own blogs, so be sure to check them all out and maybe even find a new blog to read! So you guys know I love photos, right? So […more]

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Hey everyone, if you thought I was posting infrequently already, get ready for some really infrequent posting. I realized last weekend, after being sick with a cold, that I wasn’t getting enough sleep (I can’t survive on 6 hrs) and it was affecting my immune system. I wasn’t getting enough sleep because I was sometimes […more]

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Post image for It’s that time again – photo card tradition

Now that we’ve got turkey in the tummy, it’s time to think about that big December holiday. If you don’t know already, I love photos. And ever since I cared about photography, I’ve made the executive decision to send a photo card for the holidays. 2012 2013 The hardest part about sending a photo card […more]

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Have a great weekend!

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say “hello” since it’s been quiet here. I got sick over the weekend with a little cold, slept a lot on Sunday (thanks, honey!) and Monday. I feel much better already but then then our 4-yr son (J) woke up with a seal-like cough this morning. What […more]

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Post image for How I served Thanksgiving dinner on a weeknight

Our 4-yr old’s (J’s) classroom Thanksgiving party is today, and I volunteered to make a sweet potato casserole. So last week I had the bright idea to make an extra casserole and a small-ish Thanksgiving dinner to go with it. Great idea to kill two birds with one stone, except that I wanted to serve […more]

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