Mother’s Day round-up

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Mother’s Day is next week. How will you be celebrating? We’re doing an early Mother’s Day with my mom since she’s visiting this week. We’ll send a surprise to Alan’s mom. And me? Probably brunch somewhere and then to my favorite macarons shop. Anyways, today I wanted to share a Mother’s Day (the first one) […more]


Unsent letters

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Watch out for me, guys, I steal lots of posts. Today, I’m stealing Jana’s. Dear runny nose, I take Zyrtec and you still run. Are you a cold? Reveal yourself! Sincerely, Lisa with a box of tissues ——————————————————- Dear photo studio that takes pictures at school, It was Spring Picture Day, so I put my […more]

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It seems like many people are either in the “I love ebooks” camp or the “I love actual books” camp. I actually like them both and here’s why. Why I like my Kindle Alan bought me the Paperwhite two years ago. It has a higher resolution than the standard Kindle and has adjustable backlighting, so […more]


Five on Friday

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Stole this idea from Sarah Selling Remember when I put stuff up on Craigslist to sell (a watch and wellies? Of course not, why would you LOL). Well, I sold the watch. Can cross THAT off my 2016 to-do list. Now, why won’t anyone buy my wellies? People are weirded-out buying secondhand shoes??? Gardening Actually, […more]

I remember when I got my first smartphone the end of 2011. I downloaded Instagram and began posting daily. I participated in photo-a-day challenges and felt the NEED to check Instagram everyday. If people were liking my photos, I should reciprocate. In 2012, I posted 322 photos, and almost every evening I was on Instagram. […more]


Yoga with the kids

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I received a copy of “Rachel’s Day in the Garden” for my review. I wasn’t sure if my kids were going to be into this since I had to print the book on plain old white paper. Over the weekend, I whipped out the pages nonchalantly and was like, “Hey, look what I have. Want […more]


Five on Friday

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Stole this idea from Sarah Dying The battery on my Kindle is holding the charge for only a day, whereas it used to hold for weeks. Of course battery life degrades over time, but this felt like it died overnight. I suspect that upgrading the operating system on it also degraded battery life. Who knows. […more]


Three things

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Kelli said we all could all steal her post, so I will, except I’m changing it to three things since “4” is unlucky in Chinese. The number four sounds like “death” in Mandarin. Not that I’m superstitious ;). Three names I go by: Lisa Mommy Can you…? Three things I hate: Rudeness Bad/Angry drivers Bad […more]

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Welcome to another round-up of books with Jana and Steph. First, go listen to Jana and Steph’s podcast, The Armchair Librarians. In the first episode, you’ll find out how they REALLY feel about Fates and Fury and the star-rating system. Yes, I use the star-rating system, but I look at the rating system differently now. […more]

Typical indoor get-up for the lady of the house. ISO 800 | AP f/3.5 Racing together down our narrow hallway. ISO 100 | f/2.8 | 1/200 sec | Flash used Cars, cars, cars. All the cars. ISO 800 | f/2.8 | 1/40 sec Gang of 2. ISO 800 | AP f/3.2 Cookie brigade. Galaxy S5 […more]



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Linking up with Kathy and Nadine. >> I have 2 kids. Sometimes I feel sorry for parents with only 1 kid. Sometimes I’m jealous of them. >> J was with his grandparents for Spring Break so I enjoyed the quiet in the house. It was nice having a break from the sibling fights and them […more]

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