Post image for Holiday cards from Minted (giveaway closed)

I got to work with Minted last year and was flattered when they reached out to me again this year. I’m gonna (show and) tell you why I loved Minted and why you should too. At the end of the post, I’m giving away $100 credit to the store, just in time for the holiday […more]

Linking up with Kathy and Nadine. >> I stay away from “serious” topics on the internet (politics, religion, current events). I mean, I read about them, but you won’t read about my disgust for them here or on my social media because I don’t feel educated enough on any these topics. I still don’t feel […more]

Linking up with Kathy and Nadine! Hope I remember to actually link-up. >> You can buy Photoshop overlays of snow, sun flares, and leaves because it’s just too hard to photograph actual snow, the sun, and leaves or *gasp* leave them out! Ugh. >> You know those adorable photos of infants in baskets and or […more]

Post image for My parenting mottos as articulated by Nike & others

Parenting is hard, but sometimes it’s also so simple. Here’s how Nike, Target, and the show, Survivor, have summed up our parenting to a T. Note: these have not been pre-approved by Alan so he may/may not have the same parenting mottos as me, though I use “we” and “our” in the post. Just giving […more]

I love the WWW, but man there’s a lot of stuff that’s annoying, right? Here’s what’s currently annoying me. And aren’t we all glad that the confessions linkup is back??? Tks Kathy and Nadine! >> Why do we need recipes for our leftover Halloween candy (US readers)? What’s wrong with just having leftover candy? I […more]

Post image for Tweetviews – book reviews in 140 characters

So, I only read one book last month and came *this close* to finishing a second. Thanks to Jana and Steph for this monthly link-up. It really does keep me motivated to read, even if it’s only one book. Here is my thought on the one book I recently read and my rating out of […more]

Post image for Confessions & life lately, because there’s not much else going on right now

>> Yea, I know there doesn’t need to be a comma between “lately” and “because” but I wanted to put a pause between without using the ellipses or a hyphen. >> Blog content has really taken a hit once I stopped posting photos of the kids, huh? What does that say about me… (<< the […more]


Page Turners: George

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Post image for Page Turners: George

Our final book for Page turners was George by Alex Gino. Although George isn’t a true story, I know it’s true for many children and adults in this world. George is a children’s book that teaches acceptance in others, and I’m so thankful books like this are being published. Did you get a chance to […more]

Post image for Book review: Mo(u)rning Joy

I was provided an early release of this book by the director of the author’s blog book tour, Karen of Book Delight for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through the link may result in a commission for us. I mentioned Mo(u)rning Joy in my last book round-up. It’s Kalan […more]


Fall slump

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Yesterday, Jana shared what she could care less about, and it resonated with my entire life right now. Not that I don’t care about life, because I most certainly do, but I’m zapped of creativity and motivation and have this thought every evening: While everyone is wearing blanket scarves, tall boots, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, […more]

Post image for My friend’s new book: Parenting with Purpose

If you’ve ever glanced at the comment section of my blog posts, you may have noticed a reader/commenter named Nina. I can’t remember how our blogs crossed paths, but we’ve been following one another for a while now. She writes a thoughtfully-written parenting blog called Sleeping Should Be Easy. I think I’ve got the “sleeping” […more]

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