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I started my son’s baby book using a product a friend gifted me for the baby shower. It had journaling pages and places to put photos and envelopes for keepsakes, but it was limiting. I need much more space for photos, and, after the first year, the product only had 1-2 pages for years 2 […]

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I wrote a “Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50” a while ago, and it was one of my most popular/searched-for posts of that year. Thought I’d give it another-go this year, with a focus on camera accessories for the mom-tographer. Buy them for a mom in your life, or for yourself :). Wish it were, but […]

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Post image for Weekend photos: eggs, flowers, hairs cut

Hi everyone! This past weekend is what Spring should look like every day – sunshine, warm temps, and my allergies in-check even though I didn’t take a Zyrtec. We took our 3.5-yr old to his first egg hunt on Saturday. He slung his reusable tote around him like a messenger bag and was off running […]

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Post image for Seeing the DC cherry blossoms was a no-go

I’m feeling much better after spending two days in bed (Sun, Mon). Thanks to the hubs who let me do so :). Here’s a quick post on our non-trip to DC to (not) see the cherry blossoms. Fail? Eh. Have a great weekend! We plan to egg hunt, hang out with family, and celebrate a […]

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Post image for We are totally legit backpackers {photos}

Sunday was beautiful around here, and my friend organized a hike-and-BBQ. Finally, we got to use the backpack carrier that we bought when we had our first kid. We used it once with him, and now we are totally legit backpackers since we’ve now used this thing a whoppin’ two times ;). All photos: Canon […]

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Post image for My 3-yr old takes photos again :)

I took my 3-yr old (J) on a walk with the dogs and noticed purple flowers (crocuses) springing up in our front yard. After the walk, I told J I was going inside to grab my camera. The purple flowers fit this month’s One Community photo link-up perfectly (words: purple, spring, flowers, rise). One Community […]

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I learned about a FREE blog-review service while reading this post on Crazy Wise Woman. The service seems to be just an ordinary person visiting your site and making comments on it, while recording the whole thing. The reviewer is given a set of questions to answer, but my reviewer didn’t answer them, which is […]

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A little late, but better than never. Here are the popular posts of the month (based on page views) and some reader comments. Even if you don’t leave a comment, and we don’t give you a shout-out specifically, know that we appreciate your readership. In the top 5 are confession-style posts, linking up with Kathy. […]

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Post image for Cheating your way to shooting in Manual

I remember the moment I switched my camera from Aperture Priority (AP) to Manual. I know, that’s weird. It was while taking the following photo (Jan 2012). capturng is my old blog I was in the basement, and it was relatively dark, so I chose ISO1600. I had recently bought a 50mm f/1.8 lens so, […]

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Aperture vs. Shutter Priority modes

by lisacng April 2, 2014
Thumbnail image for Aperture vs. Shutter Priority modes

Yesterday, I told y’all to put your DSLR in Aperture Priority. I’m sure some of you questioned that suggestion or wanted to know more about this shooting mode. So today’s post is gonna tell you more about two of the more popular semi-automatic DSLR shooting modes: aperture priority (AP) and shutter priority (SP). If you […]

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4 easy steps to better DSLR photos

by lisacng April 1, 2014
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It’s April 1st in the US, so that means it’s April Fool’s Day. This post is legit though — I’m not clever enough to plan a joke on you. Photography-talk is taking over the blog this week. I’m starting off with 4 easy steps to better DSLR photos. Not that I’m a professional or think […]

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