On having an Au pair

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I’ve mentioned here and there that we have an Au pair (AP), and today I want to share a bit more about having one. First, APs are caregivers, usually from outside the country of one’s residence, that live with the host family and become part of the family. We found ours through Cultural Care Au [...more]

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Post image for Octopus family, finally finished

After many nights and the hubs commenting one night, “Aren’t you spending a lot of time on these costumes that we’re only going to wear for an hour?”, I’m finally done making octopus costumes for the whole family. Let me backtrack by saying it was our 4-yr old son (J) who first requested to be [...more]

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Picture Practice: Glass

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Happy Monday! Today’s Picture Practice (with Kelli) prompt is: glass. I like how stuff looks through it, so I have this photo through a glass fruit bowl. Inside the bowl is an orange and the texture of the glass resembles an orange rind, don’t you think? P. S. This is my first time writing and [...more]

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I’m usually a positive and polite person. I give “the wave” when someone lets me merge in traffic. I hold the door open for people, and when they don’t say “thanks”, I don’t even slam the door into their backsides. I’m practically a saint. But… This weekend, two people tried to cut in front me [...more]

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Thank you notes

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Inspired by Jimmy Fallon. Thank you, large slow cooker. I can make a double-batch of Kathy’s apple butter. Thank you, extra crunchy peanut butter. You go perfectly with the apple butter. Thank you, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and that random consignment shop. I got 4 hoodies for $14 to make octopus costumes. Thanks especially to the [...more]

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Post image for Pumpkin patch + Picture Practice

Today’s Picture Practice (with Kelli) prompt: out the window. We love living so close to a farm (10 min) where we’ve gone fruit picking several times this year (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and apples). We enjoyed the pumpkin festival two years ago, so decided to go again this year with friends. What we didn’t expect was [...more]

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Post image for Baby and her Bunny {photos}

Baby O (1-yr) used to reach for J’s (4-yr) Teddy whenever Teddy was on the floor. Of course, J would quickly put Teddy out of O’s reach. It was cute to see her try to get Teddy, and adorable that J was so protective of his buddy. Well, after a long year of waiting, Baby [...more]

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Post image for Apple picking {photos}

Tidbits on our trip apple picking: >>> First time at Homestead Farms. Spacious. I was glad it didn’t have an entrance fee, and they provided buckets for free (which were returned at checkout). >>> I squawked at Joyce when she said she picked 33 lbs of apples, but then we picked 31 lbs (it wasn’t [...more]

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Post image for Picture Practice: building

Happy Monday! I didn’t take any new photos for today’s Picture Practice (with Kelli) prompt: building. Insert sad face. So I’ll just revisit 3 buildings I’ve photographed. First up, this lighthouse on Assateague Island, which we visited Labor Day Weekend. There was a measly 0.25 mile walk to it from the parking lot, and we [...more]

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Tweetviews – book reviews in 140 characters

by lisacng October 2, 2014
Thumbnail image for Tweetviews – book reviews in 140 characters

Over the summer, I saw a link-up called Twitterature. I thought, “Cool, book reviews written for Twitter”. I was disappointed when they were regularly-lengthed reviews. So, after some googling, there is a Twitter feed, @tweet_views, who does book reviews in 140 characters or less. So, here’s my version on the blog on what I’ve been [...more]

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Vacation was ok {photos}

by lisacng October 1, 2014
Thumbnail image for Vacation was ok {photos}

So you’ve ever built-up a place in your head and then once you experience that place, you’re like, “That was disappointing”? Well, ever since we moved to Maryland, our co-workers told us about this magical place (my words, not theirs) where wild ponies run free. It’s called Assateague Island, and it’s a national park. Wouldn’t [...more]

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