February photos with One Community

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I wanted to take the creativity of my photography up a notch this year, so joined “One Community” from Sarah’s blog.

One Community is a monthly photo project in which participants photograph their lives and communities with themes in mind. The themes vary by month. The goal is to both showcase similarities and differences in our communities worldwide – and bring us all closer together in understanding through art. 

The “mission statement” (now that I’ve reread it) is so deep, exploring similarities and differences in our communities worldwide. I just went around trying to capture interesting photos ;). Anywho, the February photo themes were: shower, green, friendship, calm. If you’re interested, here are my January One Community photos.

Last Tuesday, I went to work and THIS started happening! What the what?! Snow shower. Luckily, it was barely a coating. However, this past Monday, we got over 8 inches in DC. Argh.

No more snow, please!

As my 3.5-yr old (J) and I were grocery shopping, he pointed out this green pepper and asked if he/it could ride in the cart with him. He kissed the green pepper and placed it gently in the cart. After we paid for the green pepper (and other groceries, of course), he asked if the green pepper could sit in the car seat with him. This was all funny and weird at the same time, hehe.

His best friend, a green pepper | Lisa C. Ng at

Later that week, he wanted to take the green pepper out of the fridge and play chase with it. Meaning, I had to chase him and the green pepper. A few days later, when the green pepper went bad, I had to toss it and tell J that green pepper got sick and couldn’t stay with us anymore. J hasn’t asked about the green pepper since. I hope I told him the right thing about the green pepper.

Kids can make friends (and enemies) with anyone. At the playarea in the mall, J (in white, running away) made friends with the boy in plaid on top of the car. They were chasing one another, killing imaginary sharks. I’m not into my son killing anything, but whatever, we’re at the playground. Let me tell ya, I did not like this kid from the start. He was older than the other kids and throwing his weight around. This kid and J got into an altercation at the treehouse slide. I couldn’t see completely inside the treehouse but I could see J’s arm swatting that kid. Oh how friendships turn bad so quickly. Most likely, J asked that kid to let J have his turn down the slide, but the kid refused, so J did what he does so often does these days, hit. Even if J wasn’t in the wrong, I had no visual proof, so I promptly reprimanded J for hitting and we sat on the bench while I finished feeding Baby O her bottle. What I really wanted to do was to tell his kid to buzz-off or at least show some manners. Oh, I saw the kid’s mom napping in the corner of the playarea. Classy and responsible, huh? Sometimes, I really despise these public playareas.

New friendships at the playground

I couldn’t think of anything to capture that represented “calm”. Though I wish my life would calm down just a bit. Too many changes in too short a time. Oh, and this snow again, warm again nonsense isn’t helping either.

Check out how other’s interpreted shower, green, friendship, calm.

How would you interpret shower, green, friendship, or calm lately?

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