February month-in-review and reader appreciation

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Twenty six days of February over, just like that. I’m thinking about re-vamping these these month-in-review posts. Maybe offer them via a monthly newsletter subscription. Of course, that’d mean I’d have to take time to design such a newsletter….So, for now, I’m keeping them on the blog. Here are the popular posts of the month and some reader comments. Even if you don’t leave a comment, and we don’t give you a shout-out specifically, know that we appreciate your readership.

  • I was completely surprised when Shana asked Sarah what new blog she’s following and Sarah mentioned THIS BLOG and even put my button in the post. I’m so flattered!
  • I didn’t realize I was telling stories with my photos until Amy and Nilsa said so on my s*** post. Maybe that’s part of the photography style I’m trying to define this year. Thanks, ladies!
  • I used “s***” tongue-in-cheek when speaking of the snow and I looooved it when some of you used it in the comments too. Maybe I’m just juvenile :D.

  • Jo Koy March 1. Yeeessssss!
  • Alan’s sister’s baby shower. I’m so happy that J & O will have a cousin!
  • Is March going to be warmer????????

P.S. I looked back on my January-in-review post and didn’t work-out as regularly in February as much as I’d plan. Hope March is better!

Thanks for all of your support of expandng!

Any stand-out moments for you in February?
What are you looking forward to in March?

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