Why create a Facebook fanpage?

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Hope everyone had a great weekend! Before I created a Facebook fanpage (Expandng Blog) (would love it if you “liked” it!), I provided a link from this blog to my personal Facebook page. But it wasn’t working out, so here are 4 reasons I created a Facebook fanpage.

REASON #1: Anyone can “like”

Facebook began as a way to connect mostly with people you already knew, people you saw in “real life”. When a “friend request” appears, you expect to recognize the name. But when I linked this blog to my personal Facebook page, I’d receive friend requests from people who read this blog, whose names I didn’t necessarily recognize. So what did I do? I ignored those requests. So I started a Facebook fanpage and hopefully stopped “ignoring” any readers.

REASON #2: A different news feed

I started a Facebook fanpage so that my “real” friends could receive separate feeds for my personal updates and blog updates. Though these days, I’m hardly separated from my blog and hardly post personal updates anymore — except to share a short rant about noisy neighbors ;).

REASON #3: More readers

I also started the Facebook fanpage because I wanted to reach a few more people. Though Facebook has recently made a change, so be sure to select “show in news feed” if you want to continue receiving updates from your favorite pages in your newsfeed.

REASON #4: Interaction with readers

Lastly, having a Facebook fanpage allows me to interact with people more instantly than through the blog. Jas from AdamAlexMommy and Kristin from Mondays with Mac utilize Facebook really well, IMHO. I’m still learning.

Lastly, here are some tips for your Facebook fanpage

The cover photo is 850×315 pixels. Read a summary of the rules for this cover photo by Lil Blue Boo.

Sign up for Statigram. It can add your Instagram feed to your fanpage, if you want it, that is.

Download the Pages app for your phone (available for both iPhone and Android to manage your pages on-the-go! Tks to Greta Funk (twitter: @gfunkified) who let me know about the Android app.


What do you think about a Facebook fanpage for your blog?
Do you like interacting with bloggers on Facebook?

Show some love. Leave a comment below and I’ll definitely respond!
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Originally posted at expandng.com – Why create a Facebook fanpage?
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