Non-fishy salmon cakes

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I love salmon sashimi. Love. It. I literally cried when I allowed my family to eat sashimi in front of me while I was pregnant. Literally. Cried. Oddly enough, I don’t liked cooked salmon. I think it’s fishy. But since it’s a good source of omega-3s, I cooked it a few weeks ago. We ate two pan-fried steaks that week, and I froze the other two (already pan-fried) for later.

Looking for a quick and easy dinner, I thawed the ready-to-eat salmon steaks and googled “america’s test kitchen salmon cakes” because I love America’s Test Kitchen recipes. The first recipe link was from a blogger, Robyn Cooks.

[Source: Robyn Cooks Salmon Cakes with Cheesy Leeks]

I followed the recipe loosely.

Cooked salmon (2 large steaks) — I didn’t use the “gray” meat or skin
Scallions (since I didn’t have an onion) — used only the green part
Lemon (for juice and for serving)

  1. I broke the cooked salmon steaks into pieces using a fork.
  2. I chopped up the scallions (green part) and threw them in a bowl with the salmon.
  3. I added mayo and breadcrumbs until I thought I got the right consistency.
  4. I added lots of ginger and a few squeezes of lemon. To be rid of the fishy taste, you know.
  5. Since the fish was already cooked, I only had to heat/brown them in a frying pan — 15 min total and dinner was served (with more lemon wedges!).

Salmon cakes
Copyright Lisa Ng

I love ginger, so I thought they were great. And with the touch of lemon in the cakes, they were a bit sweet. Totally would make these again. Next time, I might try adding sauteed onions or something else for crunch.

Any suggestions for adding crunch to this recipe?
Other non-fishy recipes you like?

P.S. I accidentally bought haddock instead of halibut, and LOVED IT. It’s a pretty hardy fish and held up well in the oven. YUM.

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