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I ordered this laundry drying rack from Amazon (great rack, I might add — sturdy and allows several sweaters and other delicates to hang at an angle. Here’s a 2-rack version). Anyways, it came in this HUGE box. I was like “what did I order?” We order so much stuff from Amazon, it can be hard to keep track! Anyone else know the feeling?

Our 20-mo son (J) fell instantly in love with the HUGE cardboard Amazon box. He walked on top of it, he rolled his trains and cars over it, and then he mowed it.

His matter-of-fact expression below makes him look so grown-up! P.S. The low f-stop of 2.5 makes the background blurry, which is great to mask the clutter that ever exists!

Mowing the living room
Canon T1i | Manual | 50mm | ISO 100 | f/2.5 | 1/200 sec | SpeedLite 380EX

I see with my little eye…

I see with my little eye...
Canon T1i | Manual | 50mm | ISO 100 | f/2.5 | 1/200 sec | SpeedLite 380EX

I love watching him play. The photo below was taken in the same timeframe as the ones above, but the one below was taken in the kitchen. More sunlight gets in the kitchen, so I turned the flash off and increased the ISO. Without the flash, soft shadows are captured to create depth in the photo.

Canon T1i | Manual | 50mm | ISO 400 | f/2.5 | 1/200 sec

Speaking of cardboard, check out what this Japanese mom made out of cardboard. And then this blogger is like the queen of cardboard.

Anyways, after a week, J didn’t seem that interested in the box anymore, which was fine because it was also recycling day :).

Do you make stuff with cardboard?
What non-toy do your children love? 

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