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Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Jas at AdamAlexMommy recently posted a few blogging tips she learned from a conference. So many great tips. One tip she shared on her Facebook page — it was something like use the same “name” on different social media/domains so it’s easier to track you — has been on my mind a bit. I was thinking that maybe I should merge my two blogs together and move to WordPress…

If you don’t know, I blog about family issues here and about photography at capturng.com.

Here are my reasons for merging my two blogs:

  • I initially started the 2nd blog because I wanted to dedicate this blog to family issues, and that blog to photography. P.S. Photography is not my profession.
  • Most of the photos I take are of our son anyways, so it’d still be relevant to “family issues”.
  • A lot of the same people post comments on both. Would it make their lives easier to only visit one blog?
  • People interested in this blog also show interest in photography and vice versa.
  • Finally, even though blogging isn’t my profession, I’d still like to do it “right”.

So here’s my question to you: If I combined expandng and capturng into just one blog, what would you think? The poll is anonymous but leave a comment if you want to voice an opinion!

Please take my poll and/or leave a comment ūüôā

Any changes probably wouldn’t happen until summer.
I sure would miss my clever (IMHO) domains and play on my last name, Ng….

Show some love. Leave a comment below and I’ll definitely respond!¬†
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