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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We spent the weekend in Philly with our families, so it was non-stop action with 7 adults, 4 dogs, and a 19-mo old all together. So here’s a light post before I hit the sack :).

In case you don’t have Instagram (lisacng), or don’t follow me on Twitter, here are some recent snapshots of life taken with my phone. I’m also taking a photo a day on my phone for Fat Mum Slim‘s #MarchPhotoADay project. Click here for the daily prompts and to participate. I’ve posted my #MarchPhotoADay photos on If I’m not already stalking following you on Instagram, feel free to leave your user name in the comments, or find me lisacng.


Dedication: Since we’re Christians, we wanted to dedicate J at our church, Journey’s Crossings, so that we’d promise to be good examples (we’re not perfect and we mess up!) and godly parents. J ran around for the first hour, which made him really tired when the “service” actually started. He fussed a bit, but sure was happy when cake was served!!!!

Origami: Every time restaurant staff have give us a children’s menu, I try to fold a hat and boat for J. I used to do it all the time as a kid! Finally, after 19 months of racking my brain, I finally remembered!!!!!! It was such a relief…I’m not losing my mind yet.

Rough life: J was so tired at the end of lunch — his expression and elbow up on the table says it all. Life sure is rough for a 19-mo!

Volo: I’ve been thinking about getting a lightweight stroller since summer of last year, but the hubby kept helping me to talk myself out of it. When the Volo went on sale at Babies R Us, I just kept talking about and talking about it. Finally, the hubby just threw up his arms and said, “Just buy the thing and stop talking about it!”…Hee hee hee. We took this stroller out for a walk — it’s light (8 lbs), I can steer it with one hand, and it’s a Maclaren — now I’m a real suburban mom ;). Unfolding/folding still needs practice. In related news, I seriously watched a mom at the baby store spend 30 min with an associate trying to fold/unfold the (expensive) Phil & Ted’s stroller. Seriously, was the stroller that tricky or was this mom just bad? And why are their strollers so expensive?


Ice cream: I can’t remember why I was eating ice cream, but I do remember that it was good!

Birds: I dedicated this bird watching at H&M to Tania at MauiShopGirl for her recent post on bird accessories. These prints were really cute in person and also on pretty decent quality fabric.

Sweets: While at the mall, I bought some sweets from Godiva for my sweet. Here we are enjoying them together with milk — nice of him to share, huh? While at the store, I learned about the free Godiva Rewards Club, which gets you a free piece of chocolate, a free gift when you spend over $20 in one month, and exclusive offers. I created this collage using the free app, Pic Collage.

(un)run: I was inspired by my coworker who’s been running since last year. She tries to run 6 miles, three times a week. She also wants to run a 5K a month, and a 10K every once in a while. So…I got on the treadmill for the first time in about 2 years. I was still sore 3 days later. Oi.

Have a great evening!

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