Thankful Thursday: Mom, you’re awesome

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Last night, I couldn’t formulate a coherent post about anything “relative” for BlogHer’s February NaBloPoMo. Today, I feel much better. Throat still sore, but the rest of me ok.

So here we go — a post about Mom, which is also be a Thankful Thursday post.

At 22, I was a senior in college. My only major concern was what I’d be doing with my life upon graduation. Eh. I told myself I had plenty of time to make wrong decisions about my future. And I did. I was 22 with absolutely no responsibilities.

What was my mom doing at 22? She was married. She had a two-year-old (me). She was living in a foreign country (here in the U. S.) with no friends or family (except my dad and me). She didn’t know a lick of English. She didn’t have the luxury of making wrong decisions.

In contrast to her “it-takes-a-village” upbringing in Taiwan, she had to quickly adjust to independent living here in the States. I remember my mom taking my sister and me on SEPTA to buy groceries. My dad worked 6 days a week, and she didn’t drive. I don’t think I’ve ever taken my son grocery shopping — and there’s only one of him, I have a car and two good legs.

I remember my mom taking English lessons. Could you imagine having to learn a second language as an adult? Sure, we all take that second language in high school and maybe college, but did you need it to survive? I sure didn’t.

I remember my mom learning to read road maps — this was back in the day before Google Maps and GPSs. She never needed a map to navigate around her fishing hometown of Taixi, Taiwan. But she, the navigator, and my dad, the driver, took us to amusement parks, orchards for fruit picking, the beach, and everywhere in between. I depend on my GPS too much and have no sense of direction.

I remember my mom taking us to church, even if we didn’t want to go. When I was in college and involved with Campus Crusade for Christ (a Christian group), I looked down on how she practiced her faith. Shame on me because she is one of the most faithful people I know. Through thick and thin, she’s never wavered in her faith. She’s my example of what it is to be a godly mother, faithful servant, and all-around wonderfully patient person. Girl, she is patient.

I remember when our son was born, she was so happy to hold him. That’s all she wanted to do. Whenever he started crying, and I wanted to take him back, she’d put her hand out and say “Just wait a second! Just let me. You rest.” She was (and still is) awesome in that straightforward kind of way.

Hey, Mom, if you’re reading this, you’re awesome. 
Am I your favorite daughter now *wink*?

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HapaMama February 3, 2012 at 5:06 am

What a lovely tribute to your mother! My parents also came from Taiwan, so I can relate. When they told us how easy we had it, it was true…


Talking Thirty February 3, 2012 at 4:46 pm

I really loved reading this post. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman – you’re lucky to have her. My parents are from Hong Kong so much of what you said relates to our family’s experiences. I remember back in graduate school, I was exhausted from the stress, and I asked my Dad if he ever wanted to drop out of his Ph.D. program in Physics. He told me no because he didn’t have a choice- he had to finish. It really put things in perspective for me. I have the utmost respect for my parents and what they have accomplished and it sounds like you do for your parents, too. Heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.


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