Showing and teaching compassion

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I’m a selfish creature by nature. Especially at the end of a long day. Who cares about your problems when my shoes are cutting into the back of my feet, our son (J) didn’t want to get in the car seat when I picked him up from daycare, and the dogs won’t stop barking as soon as I step in the door?? Just leave me alone!

But that’s not the “me” I want the hubby, J, or the dogs to endure every evening. With a dozen-or-so things all going on at once, I’m learning to take a deep breath, step back, and see life from their point of view, i.e., showing compassion.

Maybe I should have worn dress socks and band aids to prevent the back of my feet from hurting. Especially since I haven’t worn these particular shoes in a while.

Maybe J didn’t want to get in the car seat because he wasn’t in a good mood. Two things put toddlers into a bad mood quick — hunger and being tired — which I can certainly relate to at the end of the day.

Maybe the dogs won’t stop barking because they’re excited to see me and J. I should be happy they are happy, right? Also, I can’t blame them because I haven’t invested the time to train them to stop barking when I say “quiet”.

Maybe the hubby doesn’t appreciate my being short with him because he had a long day too. Actually, he shouldn’t have to appreciate it in any circumstances because that’s not being respectful. Thanks for putting up with me, sweetie!

Being compassionate doesn’t come naturally, does it? Well, unless you’re my mom. She’s a saint compared to me! Anyways, kids need adults to teach them compassion. At 18-months, J is beginning to understand that hitting is not right. It hurts others. At 18-months, he’s beginning to understand that Mommy and Daddy have feelings too.

It’s nice when he tries to console us. A hug just does the trick.

How did you teach your kids compassion?

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