Puppy love, literally

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When we first started thinking about getting a second dog, the hubby and I first considered rescuing a young adult dog. Unfortunately, most people give up older dogs (so sad and age-ist!). Since Coco (our first dog) was only 2, and we really wanted a play companion for her, we kept looking and waiting.

We found Delaware Puppy Rescue, but unfortunately they had restrictions about families adopting a puppy when there’s a child less than 7-yrs at home. They had good reason. Both child and puppy are in their early stages of development. Neither is mature enough to understand restraint. Their past experience with young families is that puppies are returned :(.

Going against DPR’s valid concern, we got a puppy from a breeder anyways. We named his Jasper. Our son (J) was a little over 1-yr at the time.

At first, only Jasper was interested in J. Jasper would sneak up on J, while J was still crawling, and lick J’s face. When J was done eating, Jasper would come around and sniff every inch to find a lone piece of rice.

Well, about a month ago, J started noticing Jasper. J started noticing how fun it was to grab Jasper’s torso and face. J started noticing how fun it was to try to use Jasper as a pillow. J started noticing how fun it was to be chased by Jasper, even if Jasper doesn’t quite get it yet. *Note: We are trying to teach J to be more gentle with Jasper.*

It’s not just J who needs a lesson in gentleness. Jasper needs one too. Jasper’s still nipping. Jasper still gets on his hind legs to come face to face with J. Jasper still plays with J like J is Coco.

See how they torment each other?

But J is absolutely in love with Japser. J loving refers to Jasper as “ba ba” because he means puppy. “Ba ba” might be confused with Chinese for “dad” but luckily J’s got that one figured out. Dad is “dah deeeeeeeee”.

I look forward to seeing them grow up together as best friends.

Maybe Jasper will walk J to the bus stop, and then go back to the bus stop at the end of the school day to meet J.

Maybe Jasper will set up a bed in J’s bedroom (not on the bed though, please).

Maybe Jasper will suddenly gain 10 lbs because J is secretly feeding Jasper scraps under the table! Haha!

Do you have pets and kids? 
What’s their relationship?

P. S. Here’s a random picture of J in his Chinese New Year outfit. Ok, so he’s just wearing the pants because the jacket’s too thick for indoors. Thanks to the hubby’s parents for bringing this outfit back from Hong Kong! Judging by how much I had to roll up the pant leg, J will be able to wear this again next year.

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Sayaka February 17, 2012 at 7:18 am

What a cute story!! Both J and Jasper are adorable!! I love how they are growing up together and I bet they are like best friends!! I hope to buy a dog one day for our family but our out housing situation just won’t’ work with a pet….some day!! Thanks for sharing such a cute story!!


Michelle February 17, 2012 at 3:35 pm

I had a dog I loved as a child, I wanted the same for my kids. We are actually a three dog family. My kids are teenagers now, and have their share of dog chores, but that does not eclipse the joy they still have when the walk home from the bus stop and the dogs are sitting in the driveway, waiting! The bond between child and dog is age old, but never goes out of style. Thanks for posting!


Lucy February 17, 2012 at 7:24 pm

They will be best friends. They look so cute together!!!
Love the pictures!

We have two dogs, both strays. I would not allow pets in the home until the kids were older, my daughter (the youngest) was 10 years old when we got our first dog but that was for my sanity. I knew the kids would not help and they didn’t and I had enough on my plate. Our first dog was over a year and she ran away and never claimed. Our second dog was 2 when we got him, he ran away three times and on the third time the owner said, “Listen, things are complicated and we really can’t handle him would you like to take him?” And I did.

Oh, I love the outfit, your little one is soooo adorable 🙂


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