Is she talking to the puppy or the baby?

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We live in a townhouse and luckily only have one neighbor. They probably hear me raise my voice. I bet they play a game of “Is she talking to the puppy or the baby?” You can play along too! I wish there were some awesome prize I could give you if you get all the answers correctly. BUT if you help us reach 10,000 pageviews, we’re that much closer to a gift card giveaway! Share this post via twitter, Facebook, or good ol’ fashion word of mouth :). Share buttons are at the bottom of this post.

So let’s play. There are only 3 questions. Good luck! I’m not sure the quiz is working below since this is a scheduled post. If it’s not, I’ll republish when it’s working :).

So how’d you do?  

I refer to our 18-mo son (J) sometimes as a baby, sometimes as a toddler. I can’t make up my mind which he is!

Hope you’ll help us reach 10,000 pageviews by sharing our blog!

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