February in review & readers spotlight

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February was only 29 days, but it still felt like a normal month ;). Naw, it flew by, and mostly because our 18-mo son (J) wasn’t sick for half of it. That was January, and we’re all glad January is over.

Let’s take a walk down short-term memory lane…

I missed blogging for 6 days in February (I made a resolution to blog everyday, oh well!).

My favorite posts were:

Your favorite posts were:

A few comments of the month were (I love each one! Unless it’s hateful, then I don’t love it as much, but I haven’t received any of those yet…):

Angie from Pandaphilia on commenting systems (click to enlarge)

Nilsa from SoMi Speaks on my blogging buddies (click to enlarge) – yes, I love mommy and fashion blogs!

Nilsa from SoMi Speaks on commenting systems (click to enlarge) – didn’t I say she was surprisingly funny? I seriously thought I had lost her as a bloggie friend for a minute!

Bloggy things I did in February:

What I’m looking forward to in March:
What are your “memorables” from Feb?
What do you look forward to in Mar?

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